“Glasgow duo Bossy Love have shared a bold new remix of their recent single 'Up All Over Me'. The alt-pop pairing match delicious melody to an awareness of club culture, fusing this with a bold, dynamic songwriting style. Debut EP 'Whiplash' emerged a few months ago, a release laden with colour and driven by a clear thirst towards originality. A full remix package has been pieced together, featuring some astute choices - there's a mix from Jersey Club's reigning Queen and Interscope artist Uniiqu3, Dance System (aka Night Slugs co-founder L-Vis 1990), and Scottish-born Parisian resident Paradise 100.

The band's own Baillie Jnr has stepped in to remix 'Up All Over Me' and it's a daring, club-focussed re-work, one steeped in the classic house textures of Chicago, New York, and New Jersey.Stretching out the original production, there's even the odd bit of dubbed out production for those echo chamber fiends. A delicious remix, Baillie Jnr tells Clash:

"Remixing something you produced can be a little odd. With 'Up All Over Me', I tried to keep a lot of the textures intact, but frame them in a classic house context. As it is so sprawling, it meant a couple of sounds I’m really fond of in the original were able to have their own moment. I also had a laugh dubbing-out Amandah’s vocal and going into the original beat halfway through!” - CLASH MAGAZINE

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